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Team Beep Test Pro

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Team Beep Test Pro

Push yourself to the limit and test your true level of fitness with your own personal handheld beep test.

» Both 15m and 20m beep test versions
» Perfect for PE school teachers who wish to monitor their students individual progress
» Ideal for anyone training for the police, fire or military fitness assessments.

» Support for Apple Watch
» Ability to add multiple user profiles
» Run by yourself or against your friends
» Edit each runners personal target score
» View your average, best and last bleep test result
» Graphical representation of your test history
» Clean and easy to use interface

How does the beep test work?
Beep tests are split into a number of different levels, with a number of beeps at each level. For example, the requirement for police officer candidates in England and Wales is to reach level 5.4 (i.e. level 5, four beeps). The total running time for this is about 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Beep test is a commonly used term for shuttle run, multistage fitness test (msft), pacer test, endurance test, and bleep test.
Adam Howard