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Tea Time Advice

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Tea Time Advice

Welcome to Tea Time Advice — Boil and Brew - a comprehensive tea guide and adviser!
Tea is a beloved and wonderful oriental drink known for many centuries. It comes in many varieties and kinds. Our guide offers you an opportunity to know more about the history of each type of tea. Learn more about different teas:
- Black tea;
- Green tea;
- White tea;
- Oolong tea;
- Herbal tea;
- Pu-erh tea,
And varieties of each tea. Moreover, you can use the built-in timer to track the advised steep time for each tea or choose your own. We also offer you a collection of interesting tea-based drinks recipes. Make every tea break unforgettable!

How to use: choose one of tea types and learn more about its history and different varieties. Each variety of tea has its advised steep time which you can set via timer. You can also enjoy various tea-based drinks recipes.

- various well-known types of tea;
- each type of tea has its different varieties;
- built-in timer to track steep time;
- various tea-based drinks recipes.
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