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Tawasal Messenger

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Tawasal Messenger

The main functions of the application:

Messages - In our application you can send messages to your friends with unrivaled speed! You can also forward messages, quote them and edit if you suddenly make a mistake.

Audio and Video calls - In our application you can make free calls to your friends, both with video and audio. Always stay in touch!

Sending files - Tawasal allows you to share any files, you can either send a document at work or tell a joke with an audio message.

Groups - Communicate with any company of friends, because our groups support an unlimited number of participants!

Channels - Reading and exploring the news has never been easier! Channels is a news feed in which you can use all the functionality of the messenger.

Bots - Using our API you can create programs of any complexity that other users can use. From games to car buying services, anything is possible on the Bot API.

Our application is developing, and in the future we plan to add streaming services, games, payments, and even services to the application.

Stay with us!
Tawasul Information Technology LLC