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T.Flex is an all-in-one mission critical communications powerhouse that connects people in a variety of ways in a wide range of situations. Its capabilities comprise voice and video calls, messaging, tracking (including indoor localization), task management and more. The uses of the app are versatile. For some users, it helps ensure smooth operation of their business. For others, it's part of the security toolset. Importantly, it can be vital in responding to dangerous incidents where lives depend on timely communication. Whether you're a logistics specialist, a guard on patrol, a firefighter or a police officer, you will appreciate the reliable power of T.Flex, its focus and ease of use.

This app is the client-side component of the TASSTA framework. TASSTA provides mission critical push-to-talk (MC-PTT) capabilities in LTE networks over the Internet Protocol (IP) and builds a comprehensive communications and emergency response solution on that foundation. The following are some highlights of the TASSTA features that T.Flex implements.

Voice communication features

Call capabilities are at the heart of mission-critical communications. In addition to the obligatory group and individual calls, T.Flex offers an extended set of voice and video call types.

• Individual, group and channel calls
• Emergency calls
• Priority calls
• Video calls
• Offline user calls
• Voice recording and playback

Messaging features

In situations where voice communication is not your first choice of format, use free-form or template-based text messages, or send arbitrary files over your TASSTA network.

• Text and file exchange
• Template-based status messages

Lone worker protection features

Intended for ensuring the safety of employees who are working in hazardous conditions, these features rely on sensor and battery charge data. These readings can indicate emergencies and cause alerts to be triggered.

• Sensor state tracking
• Automated alerts (such as Man Down) based on sensor data analysis
• Battery charge monitoring

Location and tracking features

Always-on location tracking is a core component of T.Flex operation and in many cases the reason to use the app. Access to location is required by dispatchers for ensuring personnel safety and tracking assets.

• Subscriber identification and location markers
• Detailed street view
• Guard tour planning
• Waypoints
• Indoor localization

Other features

• Remote listening and camera
• Task management and control

Note that the feature set for your particular T.Flex setup will be as broad or as lean as your TASSTA administrators configure it to be.