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Taskflight is a message-based productivity app designed to help you turn conversations into actions. With Missions, you can put an entire conversation through a set of shared tasks, and Taskflight will display progress to make sure you meet your deadlines.

Also, you can use 3D Touch and swipe any message upwards to convert it into an iOS reminder, so you’ll never miss a thing!

Moreover, Taskflight is a business product for you and your peers to use, which is why it is a paid app. We take this to heart by not mixing in our business model with your privacy.

You can rest assured that you will never be the product, like in other platforms where the way you pay for service is with your data. In contrast with other platforms, when you use Taskflight your information remains yours and will never be shared with third-parties for monetization.


-Individual Messaging

-Group Messaging


-Sharing Pictures, Audio and Video

-File Sharing using iCloud Drive

-3D Touch to iOS reminder Message Conversion

-Apple Watch companion app

More exciting features coming soon, stay tuned!
Vantagon, Inc.