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Task Organizer

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Task Organizer

Task Organizer is a convenient and concise planner that helps you systematize your work and personal life. Nothing off the topic. Just you and your tasks.

The app is an amazing tool for planning and would become an irreplaceable instrument for arranging your time and solving work tasks.

Just create a new task, enter the parameters you need and - there you go!

The app allows you to:

- plan your activity;

- manage your personal goals;

- organize your day efficiently;

- set reminders so that you don't forget what's important;

- create and edit simple to-do and shopping lists;

- manage your one-time and repetitive tasks;

- color-code your tasks and group them in categories.

The main screen provides a general overview of your current tasks' statuses and stages.

The app has a set of templates to help you set parameters for any repetitive or permanent tasks and save a lot of time on regular setups. All the tasks you create can be filtered by several criteria.

The widget shows you the most relevant tasks at any moment.

You can always keep track of your tasks with the help of the iWatch widget.

Automatic synchronization and cloud storage help you effectively use your account on all of your iOS operated devices.

If you have any questions or issues in working with the app, please, make sure you contact us. Our customer support is always there for you.

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