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People who learn to read Tarot often have trouble deciphering the meanings of the cards at first. Yes, everything is about the intuition and feelings related to the card, however, keywords often make it easier for beginners.

Taroter is an application that not only facilitates learning but also allows you to quickly check the meaning of cards. In addition, you can scan multiple cards at once with the camera. The application uses machine learning to recognize scanned cards and display the information about them on the home screen.

--- Features ---
* Scan multiple cards and discover their meaning! At this point, Taroter only recognizes the Rider-Waite deck.
* If you need some meaning quickly, you don't need to scan - you can search for a given card by its name.
* Each of the 78 cards contains a photo, the answer to the "yes or no" question, and the keywords in a straight and reversed position. Everything is available at hand, in one place, with the support of English and Polish languages.
* Taroter works in a vertical and horizontal mode so that each user can use the application in any device orientation.
Jakub Dabrowski