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The Tappecue App has revolutionized the cooking experience through real-time online social cooking. Monitor yours, your friend’s and/or family’s smoking session and show up when the meat is done or give them a call or run back home when a temperature has gone astray. Never under/overcook your food again because the Tappecue App will alert you when your meat is done and when your chamber temperature has gone out of its range. Be an expert chef and impress all your friends because with Tappecue – you’ll always be one tap away from your barbecue. The Tappecue System comes with many features:
—Now introducing Tappecue SessionBook; your customer exclusive Cloud Diary for your smoking sessions. Record, improve, and become an expert BBQ chef with the help of Tappecue SessionBook.
—Monitor multiple Tappecues from anywhere on as many devices as desired on (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with software iOS 9.x) or any browser for monitoring from any computer/tablet/WiFi TV, etc at
—Alerting Functionality for user(s) when temp goes in or out of range.
—Unlimited Power for those long hour smokes by using a wall power cord (no longer worry about battery life).
—Four ports for Meat/Chamber Probes.
—Guest Mode Functionality allows multiple users to view your temperatures and receive alerts.
—Gather Analytical Data (you can graph temperatures in excel) or use our online Tappecue SessionBook at
—Weather-resistant enclosure – O-rings and gaskets with a mounting design to keep damage from rain away for those unexpected pop up showers (not for keeping outside all year round but for bringing in when not in use).
—Mounting bracket – mounting bracket for shelf or wall included but two plastic hole mounts can be used for magnets if desired.
—Powered by a 5 volt USB input – allows easy access to standard battery pack or power solutions. A runtime test using a 5200 mah USB lithium-ion battery (the kind that is typically used to charge cell phones) instead of the AC adapter. TheTappecue (with 4 active probes) ran for 25 hours before the battery gave up.
—Expert in a Box
Preset temperatures for different meats
Add different meat types
Be a part of the social cooking revolution by purchasing your own Tappecue at

System Requirements
You are required to have the following to use the Tappecue Temperature Monitoring System:
• An Internet enabled smart device – iPhone/iPod Touch with software iOS 9.x or above.
(although you may still look at the temperatures on the actual device LCD Panel),
• Wi-Fi Router or Mobile Hotspot,
• Grill/Smoker/Oven/stovetop/any source of heat,
• Access to a MAC Mavericks (10.9)or above to set up the Wi-Fi on the Tappecue (this is only required during initial set up and/or when you wish to change the router).

Contact if you are unsure if Tappecue is the right solution for you.
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