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Play in style with Tapatan, an under a minute strategy game that is built exclusively for Apple Watch. It is personal, stylish, relaxing and above all fun.

It is easy to play. Hard to master. You have three chips. Drop them anywhere in the board. Move them to make three chips in a row. You win. But it is not that easy to win.

Choose from 4 soothing, attractive color themes that suit your personal taste, mood, and style. Extend your experience playing Tapatan in iPhone.

Features at a Glance:

• Under a minute gameplay
• 4 fascinating color themes
• Play using Apple Watch or iPhone
• Set options from either Apple Watch or iPhone
• Conveniently restart the game
• Conveniently turn on or turn off the music


• The board is empty in the beginning.
• You play against the device (collectively “players”).
• Each player has three chips.

Drop Phase:

• Each player drops one chip per turn on any vacant space on the board.
• Players alternate their turns.
• Chips cannot move until all three chips have been dropped.

Move Phase:

• After each player’s three chips have been dropped on the board, each chip can move one space at a time following the pattern on the board.
• Only one chip can be moved per turn.


• Players can create three chips in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) in either the drop phase or move phase to win the game.

Enjoy playing Tapatan. We value your feedback and comments. Please write a review on iTunes. Tell your family and friends about Tapatan.

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