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Tank Fighters

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Tank Fighters

Tank Fighters is a single-player and multiplayer tank DESTROYING game! 

Start with a basic tank then fight your way up the Levels to unlock more tanks with upgradable features!

Then use that tank and go head to head in a 1v1 Multiplayer Match and dominate your opponent! Remember your opponent could be your best friends if you invite them to your match! OR practice in Freeplay mode with 10 highly trained bot tanks and 2 turrets.

All those coins your earn and the levels you beat will put you on a global leaderboard!

Compete with friends and family to get the most joy from playing by comparing achievements and scores.

If it is taking a while to upgrade a tank or you want MORE tanks think about purchasing Coins with in-app purchases and destroy your opponents!

By downloading, or installing Tank Fighters, you agree to Bhavin Patel's Terms & Conditions.

Thank You please check back to the App Store for future updates!

Terms & Conditions:
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