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Tallywell leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze Apple HealthKit data in order to calculate your tallywell score™. Your tallywell score™ measures foundational biometrics, such as, sleep, heart rate, activity, etc. for individuals and families. Users are encouraged to view their tallywell score™ once a week. Tallywell produces a complementing health report, Know Your Numbers™ to predict your quality of health and influence preventative health habits. Tallywell’s goal is to promote actionable conversations across spouses, partners, parents, in-laws, loved ones and healthcare professionals. Healthy habits matter and fuel your health journey. Use the tallywell app (download link) to improve health awareness and reduce several health risks for yourself and family.

Our auto renewal Individual subscription has one year free trial and is for one person for $1.99 includes tallywell score™ and Know Your Numbers™ report.

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