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Tally Hoops

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Tally Hoops

Shoot hoops with your Apple Watch to keep track of your basketball statistics using Tally Hoops.

Tally Hoops has three modes: Free Throw, Three Pointer, and Freestyle.

Start a session on your Apple Watch and every time you make a shot, spin the Apple Watch's crown up. Every time you miss a shot, spin the watch’s crown down. When you are done shooting, tap the “Finish” button on your watch. It’s that simple!

From within the Tally Hoops iPhone app, you can quickly see your results from each workout and your all-time results.

Find out what your personal records are such as most free throws out of 100 or most three pointers made in a row.

Tally Hoops works even without your iPhone nearby. Your session will sync the next time your Apple Watch connects to your iPhone.

Record a video of your session from within Tally Hoops and it will automatically add an overlay showing your shot totals and percentage.

Upload your video to YouTube from within Tally Hoops to prove to your friends that you just broke your personal record of most threes in a row!

If you record video of your record-breaking session, you can watch the record within the app from the exact place it started.

Tally Hoops uses HealthKit to keep track of calories burned, distance moved, and your heart rate during your session.

A graph of your results will show you how well you shot over time. Observe your percentages get better and better the more you practice!

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can use Assist Mode to input your shot results. Just hand your iPhone to a family member, friend, or coach and let them input the results of your shots.

I hope you enjoy using Tally Hoops! If you have any questions or feedback, please send me an email at [email protected]
Matthew Parrott