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Tally Go

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Tally Go

Ever been at the super market, shopping to a budget, and needed to know how much was in your basket? This is the app for you.

A simple app for a simple task.

Tap the conveniently calibrated 4 buttons to add to your total. Want to buy some ramen for $0.30? Just round up and use the $0.50 button. As you tap, the total keeps track.

When you've finished shopping, do the old force press to reset the counter back to zero.

Never blow that budget again!

But wait, there's more. Could you think of another awesome use case for this app? If it didn't have dollar symbols, you could use it to count.... anything! Sports scores, sheep, times the neighbours dog barked this week, number of people wearing green hats. The list is as long as your imagination.

If you have any questions, ideas or need support, drop me a line via [email protected]
Ricardo Santos