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Tally Counter & Habit Tracker

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Tally Counter & Habit Tracker

Tally is a very practical counter application, you can add and subtract numbers, record, track numbers, help you record life trivia, and develop habits.

Based on this concept, with notification reminders, cycle resets, charts, and memos, you can do many things with it

# for example

Keep track of credit card swipes to avoid annual fees
How many cups of coffee have you drank this week, you have to remember how much you drank, too much is not good
How much water did you drink today, being a few minutes late, running, skipping rope, quitting bad habits, etc.
Or records are used to record the number of items, count the flow of people and traffic

Not only can you use it to count, but also the rich charts can intuitively see your own data, which can cultivate good habits

# It has the following functions

- Fast recording methods: Up to 6 recording methods are currently supported

1. Records in the APP
2. Today component (negative one-screen notification center page)
3. Shortcuts (can be automated)
4. Action type push notifications (support custom number)
5. PIP Counter
6. Siri

- Reset cycle: support day, week, month, year, custom cycle, you can set the number to be completed according to the cycle
- Color: Set different colors for the counter to better distinguish and manage

- Home Widget: Provides a variety of styles of widgets, which are convenient for you to view directly on the mobile phone desktop
- Grouping: Group the counters for easy sorting and viewing
- Statistical report: support weekly, monthly and yearly statistical reports
- Chart: Week, month, year chart statistics, easy to check the quantity trend
- Calendar: support adding records on a specified date, if you forget the previous records, you can add records here
- Any number: There is no limit to the number of counters, even in the non-pro version, you can add as many as you want
- iCloud data backup
- Dark mode

More features are waiting for you to discover...


Privacy Note: No user information is collected other than data used by Google to collect bugs and improve user experience.

In addition, if you think this APP is not bad, I hope you can give a good review, this is my greatest encouragement.
Contact me with any questions or suggestions at [email protected]
海峰 陈