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TALKMONDO is an advanced multi-language communication app, which allows users from all over the world to interact with others speaking different languages. TALKMONDO seamlessly translates speech input from the mic or text messages from the keyboard from both sides of the conversation. Both parties (Buddies) can read and hear the received messages in their own language, allowing users to interact much more freely and naturally. Subscribers will be able to search for "Buddies" from around the world and add them to their buddies list, based on common interest areas, like sports, music, books, social activities, etc.

"2Talk" feature is the traveling companion to allow the user a face-to-face conversation with others speaking other languages. Users will be able to save the conversation transcripts, and email those transcripts to themselves or others.

"2Talk" can also be used to learn new languages, or generate key phrases in other languages useful while traveling, such as requesting directions, shopping, ordering at restaurants, talking to taxi drivers, etc.

Subscribers will also be able to login with their Facebook or Google+ accounts, and invite friends from their phone contact list to download Talkmondo and join their buddy lists.

This release of TalkMondo includes an Apple Watch application that fully supports Buddy Talk and 2Talk. The user can initiate messages and listen to incoming Buddy Talk messages directly on the Apple Watch, without the need to turn the iPhone ON. The Apple Watch app also supports 2Talk mode in conjunction with the iPhone, where one side on the 2Talk interaction is fully contained on the Apple Watch, while the other runs on the iPhone.

The app has gone through extensive testing, however due to the extensive features provided, we would like to hear our feedback, and suggestions for improvements.
Speech Morphing Systems Inc.