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TalkMate is an innovative app that brings the power of conversational AI to your wrist. It revolutionizes the way you interact with AI by bringing it directly to your wrist. Whether you need quick information, want to have engaging conversations, or are simply bored and in need of some random facts, this app provides a convenient and seamless experience on your Apple Watch.

- Chat with AI: Using the app's intuitive interface, you can have free-flowing conversations with the AI model. Simply type on the watchOS keyboard or use your voice to communicate with the AI. The AI will respond to your queries, provide information, and engage in meaningful conversations, making it feel like you're interacting with a knowledgeable assistant.

- Prompt-based Interaction: The app allows you to save prompts for easy reference and reuse. You can create prompts that trigger specific actions or queries, making it convenient to carry out repetitive tasks or access frequently asked information. For example, you can save a prompt to check the weather, get the latest news updates, or inquire about your upcoming calendar events.

- Voice Input: The app supports voice input, enabling you to dictate messages and prompts using the built-in microphone on your Apple Watch. This feature provides a hands-free experience, allowing you to have conversations with the AI without the need to type.
Ziga Porenta