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Talking Heart Rate

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Talking Heart Rate

It is an application of Apple Watch that reads heart rate by voice.

・Aerobic exercise while maintaining heart rate

・As a simple lie detector as it reads out the heart rate of the person wearing it by voice

・It works with Apple Watch alone.

The following customization is possible.

· Reading interval
 none〜30〜60〜90〜120〜180 [s]

· Arm raising motion
 This application reads out the voice when opening the application. In other words, you can know the current heart rate without watching the clock.

· Change in heart rate
 We will inform you of the rise / fall width relative to the average value over the past 30 seconds.
 none〜±5〜±10〜±20〜±30 [bpm]

· Position information and time when heart rate became maximum in that session are recorded.
 You can check this information with Apple watch.

· Change icon
 You can change to the following type of icon.
 The blink rate simulates the measured bpm.

· Tone of sound
 You can change the pitch of speech and speech speed.

※ This application will drain the battery to acquire location information while using the application. For this reason it is not suitable for long time use.