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TalkClok. Talking alarm clock.

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TalkClok. Talking alarm clock.

TalkClok is totally changing the way you wake up and start your day. We created the maybe best talking Alarm Clock App imaginable. Your weather, your traffic, your calendar, your tweets – and so much more.
No reading required. Just relax and listen.

+ Free Remote Watch App included!

TalkClok features:
Wake-up time
Manage your wake-up times and switch on/off with a simple tap. You can easily define standard times throughout the whole week.
Traffic bassed on current conditions (Google Maps traffic)
No need to hurry when they say everything is normal. Snooze.
Tasklist (your device reminders or* Googgle Tasks)
Reminder of your todos, just to get you in the right mood.
Music (playlists from your device)
Everything is better with music.
The News (RSS, Atom... Feeds)
There are thousands of feeds to choose from, find your personal favorites.
Weather based on current conditions
Forcast for today, for your area.
Calendar (your device calendar or* Google Calendar)
Your appointments, individually adjustable.
Stocks (RSS, Atom... Feeds)
Got options? Get the current state.
++ Customize*
Customize your experience even further.
Atom, RSS, Twitter, Github, Yahoo pipes anyone?
With custom icons!
*via in-app purchase.

What‘s in the in-app purchase?

• ad-free
• cool black&white colour schemes
• more wakeup sounds
• google connect (tasks & calendars)
• custom icons to make it personal
• +++ Custom Feeds

Why the in-app purchase?

We have tons of ideas to enhance the TalkClok experience, talking about integration of music streaming services (yessss), more options to customize the voices, new languages, more services (native twitter...) to choose from, more personalization. We simply need ressources for that.
iService Ottner Röck