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Talk Timer

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Talk Timer

Discreetly tracks time while you give a talk / seminar / lecture, with taps on the wrist to remind you when your time is almost up.

This app runs entirely on Apple Watch. You do not need your phone.

You create a talk with three time limits — the stopping time, and two early warnings. Once you start a talk, the timer will count up from 0:00 on your watch. Each time you pass one of your three time limits, the watch will discreetly tap you on the wrist as a reminder. After the final stopping time, the timer will also turn red.

You can store as many different talks as you like (for instance, a 50 minute seminar talk, a 20 minute conference talk, and a 5 minute public debate). To edit the times for a talk, open the talk and press firmly on the screen.

The app includes watch face complications, which show the running time on the main watch face once you have started your talk.

It is recommended that you put your watch in silent mode during your talk. Otherwise the alerts will include small sounds along with the taps on the wrist.
Benjamin Burton