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If you want to achieve something wonderful, but sometimes you feel lazy… TakeAction is a must-have for you!

"Phenomenal productivity app and one of the best I’ve used to date" - Cult of Mac
"One of the most beautiful apps on the App Store" - Spider's Web
"New Apps We Love" & "Hot This Week" - Apple

This is the perfect place where you can:
▷ Exactly describe your goals
▷ Track your plan progress
▷ Keep your motivation always on high level
▷ Finally achieve your dreams!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” - Henry Ford

Achi adventure
This white ball is Achi. He is your ambitious partner. His goal is to reach every mountain peak and he’s moving forward only when you complete your task. He represents your progress, but also motivates you in hard moments.

Moods Control
It’s recommended to set your mood before action. When Achi detects low motivation, he will help you overcome laziness and find a way to get you energized.

For every completed step app will reward you with medals and trophies. You get gold one only when you complete everything you planned for a week or a month.

You don't need any app to do this, but with TakeAction your chances to succeed are definitively higher. It's not just another boring to-do list. I'm doing it with passion!


Remember! If you will only download this app - it's worth nothing! You have to USE IT if you want to realize​ your dreams!

No ads. No In-App Purchases. No subscription fees. No login required.
Free updates. Unlimited access. Exclusively for Apple's ecosystem.

Recommended iPhone 5 or better
Require iOS 9. (soon 10 only)
3D Touch and Apple Watch support
iPhone 7 Ready
Supports iOS 10 and watchOS 3 features
Adam Smaka