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Take notes with Widget Camera

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Take notes with Widget Camera

See your pictures instantly as a widget with Widget Camera

Widget Camera is a very simple camera specialized in taking notes with pictures.
The picture you take is immediately displayed as a widget in the Notification Center, so you can check it without the trouble of starting the app.
It is very handy, as you can see the picture even with the iPhone locked.

The pictures you take are kept only in the app, instead of being saved in "Photos" app.
This prevents a picture you took just as a memo from polluting your organized "Photos" app.

It is also equipped with some other widget functions that provide you with a strong support to your photography life.

- 1: Widget Camera widget
Displays the picture taken with Widget Camera.

- 2: Latest Photo widget
Displays the latest picture taken.
It displays the latest picture you can see on Photos app.

- 3: Camera Roll widget
Displays some of the most recently taken pictures.
It displays multiple pictures that you can see on Photos app.

Q. Is it possible save a picture into Photos app?
A. Yes. Go to Settings screen (the gear in the upper right) and you will see the saving settings.