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tagupCam is the recording app that fuels, the first Social Sports Showcase built to maximize exposure, networking, and communication for athletes and athletic programs at every level.

Builds online sports portfolio
Integrates into recruiting system
Quality film, easy to share

Real Game footage
Everyone on the same page
Online presence

Easy to use
Security and Account management

Watch more
Keep track easier
Makes tournaments easier (QR CODE)

What Makes tagup Different

tagupCam expedites the recording, editing, uploading, and organizing process using the technology you already have.

If you have the skills to take a video on your phone, you have the skills to use tagupCam.

Recording through tagupCam facilitates a more efficient way of watching sports.
We provide athletes and athletic programs with the tools to create an online space that reflects their hard work and personality

Our process allows for content to be easily claimed, shared, and promoted.

The tagup Process

tagupCam’s process optimizes every step towards getting your content in front of the people who want to see it.

-Record; only the action! Using tagupCam’s start/stop button, only record when there’s action

-Compress; all recorded clips are merged automatically, creating one seamless viewing experience

-Title; content captured through is packed with meta-data, allowing for videos to be easily found and organized

-Sync; when you are finished capturing your content, tagupCam starts uploading it onto your main site channel

-tagup; sign into your tagup profile, on the sport site, and use the tagupPlays feature to integrate your highlights into the most efficient sports search engine of its kind


tagupCompression; merges your clips into one play in real-time
tagupTitle; titles your content on the fly with all the important info
tagupSync; automatically uploads your video to your channel
tagupQR; download and view full rosters by scanning team QRcodes

tagupCam Extensions now included FREE!
tagupDirector; Mount your phone and control tagupCam with remote
tagupVidtro; Post your personality
tagupCapture: Recapture and clip your complete game into pitch by pitch At Bats.

Make the right call and install tagupCam today.

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