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"[Tacet's haptic metronome is its] killer feature" - Cult Of Mac
"Must have" and a "gem" - Macworld

The silent metronome where you feel, not hear, the beats. The simple BPM calculator always on your wrist. The handy tempo reference table. Tacet is 3 apps in one... and it is now better than ever.

Have you ever wanted to get a proper tempo, but don't know where your metronome is? Have you ever wanted a metronome without a loud, obnoxious sound where you can simply feel the beats as taps on your wrist? Have you ever wanted to check what the BPM of a song is, in one easy step? Have you ever wanted a handy reference table for common tempos? Have you ever wanted this all... on your wrist, with no need to even take out a phone?

Download tacet today! It is completely free, and we hope you enjoy it.

If you really love tacet, there is an option on the phone to support development for less than the price of a cup of coffee. No pressure, since the app is fully functional without purchasing this In-App purchase... but please give it a thought.

Please note that due to limitations in the OS, tacet will not run in the background or when the watch is asleep. As such, our users may find it better to use it for starting out with the right beat, checking if they are on tempo, and more, rather than while they are playing.
James Chung