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Tabata Time Pro

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Tabata Time Pro

Calling all fitness enthusiasts! Introducing the perfect app for your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

Whether you choose weight training, running, cycling, or any interval fitness training, kick your workouts into high gear with Tabata Time Pro. Don't let your workouts be restricted by conventional cardio. If you want to burn fat, feel great, and increase your overall health, incorporate High Intensity Interval Training into your workout regime. With Tabata Time Pro, you can focus on having fun, and let the brain-work be done for you. Tabata Time Pro is endorsed by ex-athlete, coach, and professional trainer Jeff Kitura.

Tabata Time Pro's exciting features include:

* Fully functional on the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad
* Clear and appealing design
* Easy to use
* See both your overall progress and your current progress, to help monitor your workouts
* Easy and customizable set-up, to ensure your workout is tailored to your needs and fitness goals
* Save different circuits for reference or for re-use
* Your very own speaking coach will alert you when it is time to prepare, work, and rest
* Option to integrate a clear and easy-to-use counter to track reps of any exercise

Tabata Time Pro is designed to help you maximize the fun, intensity, and success of your workouts, to ensure you meet all of your fitness goals.

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