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Become more self aware with self quantified data. Designed to make tabulation as sustainable as possible, Tab-It tracks matters, called Tabs, most important to you. Tabs can be anything you want, like energy, depression, anxiety, and productivity. Rate your Tabs from 1-10 throughout your day, tabulating your highs, lows, and everything in between. Compile your various Tabs to observe how they influence and affect each other.

** Track Whatever, Whenever **
Create and customize your Tabs to suit your needs. Select from the pre-loaded library or design your own Tabs and their emoji. Then update your Tabs throughout the day whenever you want to record your moments.

** Intuitive, Fast, and Fun **
Tab-It is effortless, fun, and therapeutic for users to quickly log in their state of mind. You'll find yourself employing Tab-It to gather relevant information about your day as it's easy and effective. Consistent tracking has never been this effortless.

** Powerful Insight **
Like looking into a mirror, Tab-It will show you your own self reported data. As a medium for unfiltered, honest tabulation, it's a powerful tool to reflect on your daily life with accuracy. Gain insight into deviations, consistencies, and inconsistencies in order to foster a healthy sense of self-awareness.

** Widgets **
With multiple widget options, make tabulations all the more easier. View relevant information to motivate you to tabulate as much as you can.

** Extra Privacy **
Tab-It keeps your data private. No data is collected from the app.

** iCloud Integration **
Sync and backup your tabulations for safekeeping.

** Health App Integration **
Tab-It integrates with the Health App. Optionally cross reference your health data like Heart Rate, Steps, and Weight with the Trends graph to view contextual information.
Joseph Kim