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T.O. Request

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T.O. Request

T.O. Master App © 2017 Quantum Soft Apps LLC, All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.

An app with in “T.O. Master - 100% Manager turn! Zero excuses!”

T.O. Request is a commercial application that allows sales professionals to communicate with management to quickly and seamlessly to get assistance to the lot of the showroom. PUSH THE GREEN BUTTON (TM) and help is on the way.

Features of T.O. Request:
-One-touch request for a manager T.O. for assistance...WITHOUT leaving the customer’s side
-SMS text messaging allows simple communication between users
-Group text messaging allows you to converse with multiple users at one time
-All text messages are stored indefinitely, backed up and secured
-Digital notepad stores customer record
-”3D Touch” enabled

T.O. Request and T.O. Manager, collectively called T.O. Master, help retail businesses with on-site customers, on large acreage lots or showrooms, thrive and function more fluidly when assisting customers. The two apps communicate seamlessly with each other to insure salespeople can quickly get help from management without leaving the customer’s side. Managers gain a stronger control and oversight with salespeople and customers alike, where ever they are on the lot or showroom floor.
Derek Stringer