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The Virtual Health Club.

The TĒM App helps you simplify total health improvement. To us total health is the combination of behavioral health and foundational health. Your behavioral health is defined by the big three: Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Mental Strength & Conditioning. Your foundational health is represented by various biological and clinical factors such as age, BMI, HR, etc. By activating and improving your behavioral health you can impact your foundational health and ultimately influence your total health.

Download the app and join the club you will begin a wellness journey focused on accountability, community and empowerment. The TĒM App is a tool that you can use to:

Track your activities (not just workouts)
Journal throughout the day
Understand your relationship with food
Manage your wellness schedule
Create and join Goals & Challenges
Engage with friends, family and meet new TĒMATES
Review actionable data to manage your progress
Find and share wellness-focused content
Learn from experts and the community
And so much more…

Much like you, we too are on a journey. We are dedicated to continuing to enhance, expand and improve the The TĒM App in order to better support your health and wellness goals. This is just the beginning.

Apple Health permissions allow TĒM to track your heart rate accurately, track your distance on certain activities, update activity rings and save your workout data.

Note: Continued use of GPS distance tracking activities in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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