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SysStats Monitor

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SysStats Monitor

This app allows you to see the operating status and the basic informations of your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.
As you sense some of bad conditions in your iPhone/iPod touch, you might find cause of those by monitoring with this app.

■ Dashboard
The screen to see current operating status.
- Usages of memory and CPU
- Uptime
- Battery level
- Share some information via Twitter/Facebook/Salesforce Chatter

■ Today Widget
It's possible to add SysStats Monitor Dashboard widget to the "Today" view in Notification Center.
The widget shows the following system information:
- Memory Utilization
- CPU Utilization
- Uptime
- Disk Utilization
Tap anywhere in the widget view, then SysStats Monitor App will be launched.

■ Apple Watch support
It's possible to see some system info of your iPhone which is paired with your Apple Watch.
The following system information you can see:
- Memory Utilization
- Battery remaining amount
Both Apple Watch App and Glance are available.

■ Battery status notification
- Battery status is notified when this app stays in background
-- Battery becomes full-charged
-- Battery remaining is in downward trend

- Minimum Notification Interval
Though Minimum Notification Interval can be selected by Setting app, the actual interval would be longer than that because it is managed by iOS.

Note: If this app is terminated by multi tasking screen, the notification is never fired until relaunching by user.

■ Device information
The screen to show your device informations including Device name, network address and so on.
You can send the informations via Email.

■ Cumulative statistics
The screen to show cumulative statistics.
- Cumulative CPU usage since the device booted.
- Cumulative CPU usage and Free memory transition since you used this app last time.

■ Logging
- Logging and browsing Boot History.
- Device History
You can save history of your device status in Device Info screen.
- Battery History
Logging battery level automatically when this app is launched or executed in background
Note: Battery History can be saved up to 90 days
You need to enabled by standard preference to start logging

■ Processes information

***** Note: Process List no longer works in iOS9. *****

- screen to show the information and status of processes running.
- Enumerates name, launch time and so on of each process.
- You can bookmark the processes you want to observe.
Kazuyuki Imada