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Symptoms Tracker

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Symptoms Tracker

Take control of your health with Symptom Tracker, designed with simplification in mind.

As soon as you start feeling a symptom or a mood change, use Symptom Tracker to track your symptom event with a single tap on your Apple mobile device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch). As you enter symptoms over days, weeks, months, and years, you gain insights and can share them with your healthcare providers.

Symptom Tracker is designed with the user in mind. You can watch video tutorials that explain how to use Symptom Tracker without having to leave the app. Symptom events recorded on one Apple mobile device will sync and appear on all Apple mobile devices.

► All features are available for a one-time fee. NO In-App purchases or subscriptions.
► Captures important health and mood information that can be shared with your healthcare provider
► Add, edit, and remove an unlimited number of symptoms
► Add, remove, print, and email an unlimited number of symptom events
► Symptom events can be either recorded as they occur or be entered later
► Symptom events can be recorded with Siri in iOS 16
► Recorded symptom event information includes the event date, time, duration, and notes providing for easy analysis and identification of any patterns
► Historical event graph reporting including day, event, and duration metrics
► User-friendly video tutorials embedded for easy instructions on using the app
► Event sharing with your doctor or therapist at your next appointment
► Track events using all Apple mobile devices, including Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad
► Symptoms and events are synchronized on all Apple mobile devices

• To protect the privacy of your symptom information, symptom data is stored only on your Apple device(s) and not on third party cloud servers. Symptom information is never shared unless you decide to share it
• Ability to provide insight and an overall understanding of your daily experience to your healthcare providers

Symptom Tracker is designed to save symptoms on the Apple mobile device in which the app is installed and to synchronize the recorded information on devices signed into the owner's Apple iCloud account.

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