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Switch Control for iPhone

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Switch Control for iPhone

Control your RWE SmartHome with your iPhone!

Whether you just want to turn on the light or increase the temperature in your room. Switch Control offers fast, reliable access to all important functions of your SmartHome. Each room is easily accessible and enables you to grasp the state of your devices at a glance.

This app does NOT support the new Innogy API. There are no plans to implement them in the near future.

- See the state of your RWE Smarthome devices at a glance (see below for a list of supported devices).*
- Interact with your RWE Smarthome devices if they support it (e.g. thermostats, transmitters, switches, ...)*
- Create, edit, delete, reorder, hide and unhide your rooms**
- Read messages your central control unit is sending you**

Supported devices/apps:
- Remote control
- Radiator thermostat
- Wall-mounted transmitter
- Electrical adapter
- Smoke detector
- Door and window sensor
- Electrical adapter (dimmable)
- Inwall light switch
- Inwall dimmer
- Inwall transmitter
- Inwall roller shutter controller
- Floor heating controller
- Electrical adapter (exterior)
- Philips HUE**
- Variables
- Wake-on-LAN**
- Sunrise/Sunset App**
- Email/SMS App**

*) You need a RWE SmartHome Account with an active mobile access subscription to use this app.
**) Requires In-App Purchase
RWE SmartHome is a trademark owned by the RWE AG and isn't in any way affiliated with Switch Control.
Patrice Brend'amour