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Swish Counter

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Swish Counter

Become a better basketball player with Swish! Swish makes tracking practice stats simple. Track your shooting percentage right on your Apple Watch during a workout. Stop counting shots in your head!

Large, easy to tap green & red buttons are designed to record your make or miss at a glance. View your shooting percentage instantly. Improve court vision, see where to take your next shot, and refine your basketball moves with paths… all from your wrist!

Workout Modes
• Relaxed mode: no time limit, endless shots
• Countdown: play under pressure to make that final shot at the buzzer
• Paths: Swish builds you workouts with randomly generated shot spots & paths
• Numbered Shots: choose the number of shots for each workout to consistently track your performance over time
• Shot spots: a specific shot better - like 3 pointers, layups, jump shots, and free throws by marking your shot spot right on your watch
• Choose your three point line: High School, College, International, and Pro
• Easily change workout mode by rotating Digital Crown

• View your real-time shooting percentage on your Apple Watch during practice
• View 3D stats on your iPhone
• See your results visually on your local court with Augmented Reality (AR)
• Export your workout to CSV

• Tracks your heart rate
• Integrated with Health app
• Make each exercise count towards your Activity Energy and Workouts with HealthKit

More Features
• Dictate a note during your workout
• “Hey Siri, start a basketball workout in Swish”
• Swish tracks stats for 18 sports: Basketball, Soccer, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Rugby, Football field goal, Baseball strike zone, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Cricket, Handball, Water Polo, Badminton, Table Tennis, Archery, and general target practice.

• Pay once, that’s it!
• No monthly fees, no ads
• Unlimited shots

• Just you and your Apple Watch
Patrick Meyer