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How great would it feel if you never had to send another message or spend time comparing calendars just to find a suitable time for a group of people?

SwipeToMeet is a free app for finding a suitable time for a group of people. Whether it’s about business or just trying to arrange a dinner with friends.

The application was designed to be as simple as Tinder and as useful as Doodle to offer the world's fastest and simplest scheduling experience. SwipeToMeet minimizes the effort for both organizers and participants by eliminating the need to match calendars manually. Instead of wasting days scheduling, a suitable time can be found within minutes.

After a simple setup the service matches calendars automatically in real-time. Participants get time suggestions based on everyone’s known availability and input already received from others.

Invitations are delivered via SMS or push notifications and availability is provided in a mobile browser. In other words you don't have to worry what type of devices participants have, as no app is required for input.


* Setting up a new scheduling is easy, especially on the move
* Choose participants quickly from your phone’s address book
* No need to tediously pick individual time slots from calendar
* Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Not on Tuesdays? Automated time suggestions are based on your calendar and preferences
* No more switching back and forth with the calendar app
* Your agenda for the day is shown below each suggestion to give you the big picture
* Follow the progress in real time to see who hasn't answered and send reminders
* Provide availability with any smartphone
* No app installation necessary for participants
* SwipeToMeet is a free application
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