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by BHI Inc
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by BHI Inc
Swingmail is a different and new approach to mail and contacts apps. It brings you functionalities which help when you are on the go.

1. Mail threaded by individual, group or topic. The app selects what appear to be the most important mail threads and displays them in your Important view. Of course you still have the view all, but you wil not need that anymore.
2. Merge together contact entries and phone numbers of an individual or individuals who are related. Swingmail then pulls all the relevant communication into a single thread for you. Merging the phone numbers allows you to call out directly from a mail.
3. Your mail is displayed in a chat format, which is becoming the new normal and makes replying easier and more natural.

Instead of snoozing, deleting and archiving each individual mail, Swingmail proposes you silence contacts and select contacts who are important. Customize Swingmail's Important Inbox and it will really become your go to personalized inbox for when you are out and about.

Works with:
iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, Hotmail, KDDI EZWeb, Docomo and even Twitter Direct Messages.

The app has been featured in the US, Japan, Australia, NZ AppStore and has been written about in Techcrunch, Lifehacker and Venture Beat.

Major Features include:
-Mail threaded by individuals, groups and topics. Minimalist Inbox with only the information you need.
-Merge email addresses and phone numbers of an individual or related individuals to get a single thread with all the communication.
-Mute contacts to customize your inbox and contacts book to the appropriate size.
-Get your Twitter Direct Messages in your inbox with other mail.
-Your mail communication in the chat format that is best suited to mobile phones.
-Proprietary algorithms prioritize contacts and communication for your important inbox.
-Dial out of a mail using phone, Facetime or Audio Facetime.
-Suggested list of contacts you need for a given time and place.
-Automatic creation of contact groups that appear relevant based on event invitations, topics and frequency of common mailing.
-Apple Watch enabled.

*Users of versions older than version 4.0 will need to update and login again. Apologies for the inconvenience.
*Apple Watch OS 2.0 or later is necessary.
*We look forward to hearing your feedback, opinions or suggestions.
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