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This free application is used to communicate with the Swing-OPS Speedsensor (sold separately). The Speedsensor is a small blue-tooth connected device weighing approximately 0.8 ounces which attaches to a baseball or softball bat and precisely and accurately measures instantaneous bat speed, swing tightness, and swing time (or quickness). The application stores all dynamic swing information on the iPhone, which can include multiple players, multiple teams, and different levels of play (including baseball and softball), making this an ideal tool for coaches and players alike.

Swing-OPS works with Apple Watch, providing more ways to get swing speed feedback. Swing-OPS provides a WatchKit app, Glance and notifications for an enhanced swing speed training experience.

Selecting different application views allows focusing on a single swing measurement, comparing multiple parameters at the same time, tracking instantaneous bat speed during the entire swing, or tracking instantaneous bat position.

The overall Swing Power Factor (SPF) is a metric which encompasses bat speed, mass, center of gravity, and quickness into a comprehensive measure of your overall swing performance. In addition, because the Speedsensor is calibrated to the mass and center of gravity of each bat, it’s highly accurate bat speed measurements can be used for optimal bat selection as well.
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