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Swim+ provides a delightful and magical workout experience!

Swim+ represents a giant leap forward in technology that provides real time personalized coaching using an advanced artificial intelligence system that adapts to daily changes in your health & fitness to help maximize your training & performance. Swim+ alerts you to critical data including detecting laps & sets during your swim, detecting when you drift out of the target speed, heart rate, stroke cadence, or effort for your workout, detecting when you have set new best times or efforts, and detecting when you've hit acute or chronic fatigue limits indicating that you should stop your workout to minimize the risk of injury. Swim+'s haptic feedback allows you to center your focus on the effort of your workout, without the distraction of glancing down at your Watch screen to see your data.

Because the artificial intelligence algorithms that power Swim+ execute directly on your Watch, you get both faster, more immediate coaching during your workout, and your privacy & data security is insured because your data never leaves your Watch for processing on a distant cloud server.

Free Features:

1. Haptic feedback provided so that you don't have to disrupt your workout to look at data on your Watch.
2. Start & stop swim recordings and intervals using force touch menus that perform reliably when your Watch screen is wet from the pool.
3. Scroll through data screens without swiping by rotating the crown button.
4. Geek out on piles of data and performance metrics.
5. Easy to visualize charts of your heart rate, speed, and stroke cadence.
6. Automatic swim set detection and categorization.
7. Conveniently & quickly launch the app directly from your Watch face using the 'Swim' button complication.
8. All day battery life for your longest open water swims.
9. Integrates with Apple Health.

Coaching Subscription Features:

1. Detailed analysis of each lap with customized coaching to boost your performance.
2. Comprehensive swim set performance analysis and personalized improvement suggestions.
3. Stroke cadence & distance per stroke analysis that provides guidance & coaching to insure that you maximize swim speed while minimizing injury.
4. Heart rate analysis with feedback aimed to guide you to your correct target heart rate zone.
5. Speed & effort analysis to help guide you to the optimal effort level to help maximize your training.
6. Real time acute fatigue analysis that alerts you when you are getting tired and should consider stopping to reduce the risk of injury.
7. Post swim chronic fatigue analysis that coaches you to take rest days or extra recovery days when appropriate to avoid burnout and over training.
8. Tracking of your all time personal best efforts and performances for each stroke type, with notifications when you you achieve a new personal best.
9. Customized target training effort ranges based on your personal data.

Coaching subscriptions unlock the coaching features across the entire family of World Champ Tech workout apps, and are available for purchase in-app. A free, 14-day trial of the coaching features is available to demo in-app.
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