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Swim Smooth

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Swim Smooth

Swim Smooth lets you diagnose and correct your technique, provides pace based training and a path to smoother, faster swimming. Swim Smooth coaching is trusted by thousands of swimmers, triathletes and coaches worldwide and is available for Apple Watch and Garmin users.

Stroke Insights (Requires Apple Watch) ––

Swim with Apple Watch to get an individual picture of your swim technique. Understand which parts of your technique are costing you time or risking injury. Get personalised tips on how to improve your technique.

Advanced Swim Tracking

Get detailed analysis of your swims, whether you’re in the pool or out in the open water. See your stroke rate, pacing, heart rate, and other unique metrics focused on improving your swimming.

World-renowned coaching content

Browse the complete Swim Smooth drill set. Watch technique development videos, and learn core training principles.

Hundreds of customisable swim workouts

Work on your technique, push your endurance, and mix up your swimming with scripted sessions written by Swim Smooth coaches. Customise any session to any length, and follow from your phone or download a PDF to print and take poolside.

Trusted by swimmers and triathletes across the world

Loved by swimmers, practiced by over 50 accredited Swim Smooth coaches, the Swim Smooth coaching framework is trusted by over 176 swim and triathlon governing bodies worldwide.

About Health Data:

On supported devices and with your permission, Swim Smooth reads and writes data to/from the Health app to record and display data from your swims. All data is written and accessed in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple. Please read our privacy policy at for more information on our use of data.
Swim Smooth