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Swift Reminder

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Swift Reminder

FINALLY! THE MISSING WATCH APP! Now you have the tool to set and receive reminders for your minor recurring tasks without cluttering your calendar. Swift Reminder allows you to set reminders for small items such as a meeting, lunch, exercise, class, go home, practice, etc. all in just three easy steps. No longer do you need the overkill of a full calendar app to remind you that it’s gym time.

NATIVE, UNTETHERED OPERATION ON YOUR APPLE WATCH. Works with or without being actively connected to your iPhone. You can set, delete and manage everything through a simple interface directly on the watch. Quickly and easily set a reminder for yourself, telling you to leave at 1:00, or the meeting is in 45 minutes.

MAIN FACE NOTICE OF NEXT MEETING. Uses Apple Watch complications to tell you what’s next. Also gives a countdown when you are within 30 minutes of the next event.

WORKS ON IPHONE TOO. The watch and iPhone automatically stay synced, but even without the watch you can have the same functions on your iPhone.

LIGHT WEIGHT OPTION TO A FULL CALENDAR. Swift Reminder gives you a light weight, streamlined option to using your calendar. You now have an easy way to remind yourself of standing, weekly events that just don’t warrant a full calendar entry.
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