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Swaive Thermometer

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Swaive Thermometer

Meet the Swaive Thermometer: the world’s most intelligent ear thermometer.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with SickWeather! The Swaive app now allows you to anonymously volunteer your fever data to the Sickweather community for tracking colds, flu, strep throat and more.

Seamlessly keep a history of your family’s temperature records all together in one place. This powerful app analyses temperature and provides critical information to help monitor the health of the whole family.

Intelligence for the Entire Family
Doctors agree that normal body temperature varies by age. The Swaive Thermometer adapts to family members’ age while analyzing their temperature characteristics. Add as many family members as you want.

See Critical Temperature Trends
Tracking temperature trends is critical for the road to recovery. The powerful charting capability allows temperature trends to be seen hourly, daily, or weekly. More importantly, you can share this vital information with your doctor instantly.

Instantly Share Temperature Readings
Sharing temperature results with doctors, physicians or partners has never been easier. Simply add them to the sharing list and they will instantly receive any/all new readings, no matter where they are in the world.

Connect with Apple Health
Now with integration into Apple's Health app, you can view your own personal temperature readings within the Health app. Navigate to the settings screen to select which member is the default member, thereby allowing the temperature readings for this member to be shared with the Health app.
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