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Suzuki Connect

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Suzuki Connect

About this app

Suzuki Connect, advanced telematics solution, offers connected car experience.

Welcome to the age of connected cars. In just a tap, you can evolve to a connected lifestyle with the Suzuki Connect – Advanced Telematics Solution. From Remote Vehicle Operations to Vehicle Alerts & Notifications. From Safety & Security features, to Trips & Location Data, stay connected to your car, family and your loved ones 24X7.

Safety, Security and Convenience Alerts

Suzuki Connect sends you an array of alerts to make sure you are always at peace when it comes
to the safety and security of your loved ones. These alerts include Emergency Alert, Breakdown Alert, Tow Away, AC idling, Intrusion Alert, Geofence, Valet Monitoring, Forgot to operate- Door Lock, Headlight, Seatbelt Alerts. Customizable Alerts like Low Range, Low Fuel, Overspeeding and Safe Time ensure to keep an eye on your car for your safety and convenience.

Remote Operations

Experience remote connectivity with your car when you are away from it. Suzuki Connect offers various remote functions such as Alarm On/Off, Headlights Off, Lock Car, Hazard Lights On/Off, Battery Check, Remote Immobilizer Request, Vehicle Health Check which make your connected car experience more delightful and convenient.

Location, Trips and Driving Behaviour

Features equipped with tracking live location of your car, ongoing trip trajectory, Trip Planning, Nearby Fuel Station Search and navigation, Live Location Sharing etc. are designed to provide you a safe and comfortable journey. While on one hand, Trip Overview and Driving Score help to improve your driving experience, Trip Sharing offers you to share your travel experience with your friends and followers on various social media channels.

Smart Watch connectivity supporting iOS with features like Locking/ Unlocking Car, turning on AC etc. It shows users vehicle location.
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For any queries in regard to this telematics service, please contact NEXA Customer Care at 1800-102-6392, 1800-200-6392 and ARENA Customer Care 1800-180-0180 or visit the following webpage:

Disclaimer: Feature availability depends on model and variants.
Maruti Suzuki India Limited