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The Surfcomp app has been created for surfing competition event management. Complete with the ability to organise seeded heats, based on current competitor rankings, the Surfcomp app is ready for your amateur surf competition events. Now with support for Apple Watch Series 2 - Series 7.

Some of the features include:

1. Judging - With Automated Tally, Heat Progression
2. Colour Coded Heat Draw Scheduling
3. Watch support for Real Time scores in the water
4. Multiple Divisions, Manual and Auto Progression - plus Tag Team Formats
5. Inbuilt Horn and Buzzer Sounds For PA
6. Co-ordinated Heat Timer
7. Live Scores & Push Notifications
8. Leaderboard
9. Club Information - Champions, Life Members
10. Social Connect - Youtube & Facebook

If you are completely burned out from struggling to organise a surfing event for you local monthly boardriders competitions, then Surfcomp is going to be a complete breath of fresh air. Competitors will no longer be pestering judges or administrators for their singlet colours, waves scores or surfing times.

With the Apple Watch addition to Surfcomp, users are able to monitor their performance during a live heat, while surfing in the water. This updated version keeps the app in the foreground and allows "in the water access" to the home screen of the Surfcomp app on the Apple Watch. Users are able to see live scores, countdown timer, scores needed for advancing to the next round, current placings - all at a glance - via the clearly designed Watch interface, bringing a whole new level to your athletic performance for competitive surfing. No performance data of the user is collected by the app at this stage, as the purpose of the Apple Watch inclusion is to provide real time feedback on competitive data directly to the surfer in the water. Full support for 3G enabled Apple Watch is now supported.

Surfcomp is the original and the world's best competitive surf competition app that makes running an event a total no-brainer.
GTG ART Enterprises Pty Ltd