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Surf Watch

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Surf Watch

Surf Watch gives you immediate, timely, and accurate surf forecast data, effortlessly through both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Surf Watch provides you with powerful and beautiful complications so that you are always aware of the surf conditions at a glance.

Surf Watch tracks your surf sessions and provides you with a full session replay, integration with Apple’s Health Kit, health statistics, wave analysis, board selection, condition analysis, and sharing.

“Once you start using Surf Watch for your sessions, you will feel not want to surf without it. Surf Watch will always have a strong focus on providing surf forecasts to you in the most useful and elegant ways and has continued to do this with the most recent release of the pro-series complications, which take full advantage of the latest OS features. However, Surf Watch now offers an intensely comprehensive surf-session tracking update, with a best-in-class tracking algorithm, that allows you to replay your ENTIRE session. Better yet, you can now share this with all of your friends with ease.” - Surf Watch Team.

We appreciate all of the feedback and support and we really hope you enjoy using Surf Watch as much as we have!

Please note that GPS related activity, can have an impact on your battery life, so be sure to keep your devices charged and ready for each surf. Run your Apple Watch under cold water after each surf, and turn the crown to remove sand particles and a potential build-up of salt.

100% of the core Surf Watch features are free (this includes a 5-day surf forecast, complications and full surf-session analysis)! We have included advanced-use features and pro-series complications that require an in-App Purchase or subscriptions to be made. These features include:

+ Ability to store more of your favorite spots (up to 20)
+ Access to all of the Surf Watch themes
+ Ability to drop unlimited Proximity Beacons.
+ Pro-series complications.

The terms and conditions of use can be found here:

Look out for further updates and features. There is a lot in Pipe :-)

Evie Digital