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Lazy Surfer

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Lazy Surfer

Did a swell come through where the waves, wind and tide lined up just right? Want to get a personalized report and forecast with alerts for those conditions? Make sure you remember those conditions by logging a session in Lazy Surfer.

Once you do, Lazy Surfer will alert you the next time those same conditions occur. It'll also allow you to see a 16-day personalized report and forecast so that you can plan ahead.

Features include

- Alerts for your favorite conditions

- Personalized predictions for how good the surf is going to be at all your favorite spots

- Ability to share session information with all your friends.

Lazy Surfer doesn't try to forecast nearshore conditions - if you've ever used the popular nearshore forecasting websites like Surfline and Magicseaweed you know that they are often very far off from the true conditions. Instead, Lazy Surfer uses real data from buoys to pinpoint the exact conditions that result in good waves at your favorite surf spots.

Surfline or MagicSeaweed also don't take your personal taste in waves into account - they give a one-size-fits-all rating to waves. But you might like bigger, pitchier waves whereas your friends might like mid-sized roll-ier waves. Lazy Surfer can give each of you a personalized report so that you can tell when and where it's best for you to paddle out.

Like anything worthwhile, Lazy Surfer requires some effort on your part before it pays off. The more sessions you add the better information Lazy Surfer will give you. Try adding at least 5 sessions in different conditions at a single spot. We guarantee that you'll find Lazy Surfer to be an invaluable addition to your surf forecasting arsenal.

Lazy Surfer began as a tool to help its creator, Nick Peterson, learn the intricacies of his local San Diego surf breaks. Not content with fighting the crowd at the same old beach break for every swell, he built Lazy Surfer so that he could tease out good sets of conditions at the more fickle, less popular spots along the coast. With alerts, forecasts and machine-learning powered predictions Lazy Surfer is the tool surfers need in order to score on the days when everyone else thinks it’s flat.

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