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Supplication Prayer Mashlool

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Supplication Prayer Mashlool

◆ 1st on App Store, Supplication Prayer Mashlool (Dua e Mashlool) (Arabic : دعإِ مشلول), in original Arabic script with translation in English, Farsi, Urdu languages and also transliteration ◆

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This dua known as 'supplication of the youth stricken for his sin,' is quoted from the work of Kaf-ami and from Muhaj al Da-wat by Sayyid ibn Tawus. Through Imam Hussain (Imam Husayn) (as) it is reported that one day he and his father Imam Ali as Ibn Abi Talib, after performing Hajj, caught sight of a paralysed young man crying his eyes out in repentance. They approached him for consolation and learnt about his sorry plight. He disclosed his habit of sin that how he always teased his father, disobeyed him and treated him with contempt. One day, disgusted, the father invoked curse upon him. As a result, paralysis befell on him. Imam Ali as Ibn Abi Talib wrote this Dua (most powerful Ism e Azam) and gave it to him with instruction to regularly recite after Isha salat. Next day fully cured, he came to Imam Ali and said that he had recited this Dua (Dua e Mashlool) as advised and went to sleep. He saw the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in dream. The Last Prophet gently touched his body with his hand and asked him to remember this Dua for it contains Ism e Azam (the Greatest name of Allah). This supplication is especially recited for strength and wealth.
Whoever recites this Dua (Dua Mashlool) regularly after Isha salat will be bestowed upon countless blessings of Almighty. All legitimate desires will be fulfilled is one of the least (Dua e Mashlool ki fazilat) from countless benefits of Dua Mashlool. It so on eradicates poverty and sickness. Sins are forgiven. Debts are cleared. Enemies become friends. Domestic issues are eased. Disputes are settled in your favour. Prisoners are set free. Mental worries disappear. Prosperity, sound mind and healthy body stand by you at all times.
Almighty's Mercy and forgiveness are the main rewards of this Dua e Mashlool, if recited regularly, reciter gots dua mashlool benefits as (Ism e Azam Dua).
Step into the profound world of spiritual devotion and connection with the Supplication Prayer Mashlool app. Immerse yourself in the sacred verses of the Mashlool supplication, a powerful prayer that holds deep significance for believers seeking divine blessings and guidance. This app offers a comprehensive collection of the Mashlool prayer, beautifully recited and accompanied by detailed explanations of its profound meanings.
The Supplication Prayer Mashlool app is a treasure trove of spirituality, designed to uplift and enrich your soul through the profound words of the supplication. The Mashlool prayer is a revered and time-honored tradition among followers of various faiths, known for its ability to invoke divine blessings and protection.
The Mashlool supplication holds a special place in the hearts of believers due to its association with divine protection and blessings. It is a supplication that seeks intercession and guidance from the Divine, invoking mercy and favor upon the supplicant.
The app goes beyond the recitation of the prayer, providing you with a deeper understanding of its context and significance. It offers detailed explanations of the Arabic verses, along with translations, so that you can grasp the profound meanings behind the supplication.
Beyond its spiritual significance, the Mashlool prayer is revered for its potential to bring solace and tranquility to the heart. In times of trials and tribulations, the supplication serves as a source of strength, reminding believers of the eternal presence and love of the Divine.
Download the Supplication Prayer Mashlool app now and unlock the transformative power of this sacred supplication. Immerse yourself in its profound verses, and let the words guide you on a spiritual journey of devotion and closeness to the Divine.
Syed Mohsin Raza