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Ensure you have a compatible phone model and operating system. Download the free app and pair to your Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor.
Visualize your glucose levels with the Live Graph and Trend Arrow. See how food impacts your body in real-time. Discover which foods provide stable & sustainable energy.
Analyze your training sessions with Event Analytics. Compare your workouts. Fine tune your fueling strategy.
Determine your Glucose Performance Zone—maintain it in competition to sustain peak performance.
Take a Glucose Snapshot by scanning your biosensor. Get an actionable report of your recent glucose data. Easily share.
Manage and optimizthis app integrates with the Health app”e your overall glucose intake. Become an expert—in and out of training

Please note: Supersapiens is intended to be used with the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, which is only approved in select countries. Any users using the Libre Sense outside of approved countries must do so as part of an IRB Wear Trial.

This app integrates with the Health app to fetch your fitness information. This is completely optional, but if access is given this makes the app onboarding smoother and any change in your weight/height etc in future can be automatically adjusted in the app.
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