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Superlock child lock for Watch

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Superlock child lock for Watch

This space is mostly used by apps to brag about themselves, but not us. We’re not an Apple award winner, we’re not aiming for a billion daily active users either, we’re a simple app made by a mom and pop to keep your child from messing with your Apple Watch.

Superlock locks out your Apple Watch screen until you do a two tap and long press sequence on the bottom of the screen to unlock the app.

We also managed to solve for the single crown click and double crown click system settings with water lock so that your child can’t easily make you the source of your co-worker’s entertainment (like they did with us).

Superlock also has a stealth mode where the instructions to unlock are not visible and it looks like the watch is out of battery to more easily manage the tantrums that inevitably come with a “no you can’t play with this”

Other than helping with the kids, it does help prevent accidental clicks and unlocks due to gloves or during workouts, you can even choose to start with a water lock if you need it to be extra secure while hiking or climbing.

We ask for Apple Health permissions as we use the workout app features to make sure the app stays on to prevent accidental clicks.
Supernan Childcare Solutions Private Limited