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Super Duckling is designed for you and your friends to be active every day. 
Working out is not always hurtful, fatiguing, and stressful. 
We need your contribution to working out to beat the monsters! 
You can earn XP to level up your character and your flock by doing daily activities, beating the monsters, or just walking around!


-Track Your Calories!
This app needs you to produce calories every day. Your calories become XP and it will use to gain level. We suggest you use Apple Watch to track your calories. We use HealthKit to integrate your everyday data with our app.

- Complete The Missions
The more you are active on the mission, the more XP you will get! You need to use the workout app on your Apple Watch to complete the mission!

- Coop Multiplayer Mode
We need you and your friends to work together to beat the monsters using your calories! You will have 24 hours to collect as many calories as you can!
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