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SUPA is your personal AI. It grows with you. Your moves, your diet, your asthma - what you put in, SUPA analyzes and spits recommendations out. If you can do it with your body, you can do it better with SUPA.

How To SUPA:
Download the SUPA.AI App + wear a SUPA Powered Sports Bra (or Strap).
Download the SUPA.AI App + wear an Apple Watch.

One of the basic biometrics SUPA measures is that heartrate of yours, and we can't hear it without HealthKit. So turn it on and pump up that heart beat, baby!

The SUPA Squad:
We’re more than an app, we’re a fashion brand and a community. Every member of our SUPA Squad gets first dibs on SUPA Powered gear, tough love, dance partners, and a ride or die crew for life! Double tap the SUPA Squad on Instagram @SUPA.AI

SUPA Powered Gear:
Our own SUPA stylish SUPA Powered Sports Bra and SUPA Powered Strap have invisible SUPA sensors and a connector for the SUPA Reactor. The SUPA Reactor aggregates all the sensor data together and beams it to the SUPA App and of course the great SUPA cloud in the internet sky.

SUPA Stickers:
The SUPA.AI App also comes with over 50+ iMessage SUPA Stickers! Got a SUPA heart and want to share the love? Are your friends running a marathon and need a SUPA push? Did you kill it on the golf course? Yes, you can SUPA brag about it! Or are your friends trying to ditch a workout? You’ve got to show them some SUPA Powers!

Step 1: Open a text message with a friend and tap the arrow > button on the left side of your message box.
Step 2: Tap on the app store button and then tap on the four tile button on the lower left to open up your app drawer.
Step 3: Look for the SUPA icon. Click it and start sending SUPA stickers!

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