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Spot where the sun is at, where it will rise and where it will set with a simple sun compass.

Switch between a clock and countdown to sunrise, sunset, first light, last light, morning and evening golden hours. Sunspot is the perfect companion app for photographers.

• Sun position at sunrise and sunset, relative to you
• Sunrise, sunset, first/last light, morning and evening golden hour times
• Countdown with notifications when sunrise, sunset, first/last light, morning and evening golden hour is approaching
• Colour changes to reflect day/night/sunrise/sunset
• Includes a widget for quick access to times/countdowns (via 3D touch or search screen)
• View times and countdowns from your Apple Watch

Premium Features (require in-app purchase):
• Weather forecast for sunrise and sunset
• Sun position stats
• Moon position stats and moon phase
• Customise the look and feel, with themes
• Enhanced notifications
Rhydian Thomas