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Suns-Mercury-Footprint Center

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Suns-Mercury-Footprint Center

Welcome to the all-new Suns-Mercury-Footprint Center App, where you can experience The Valley’s basketball teams and top live entertainment like never before! 

Consume content, news, and live stats for the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury, and get your tickets plus all the got-to-know info you need for Footprint Center’s concerts and other live events. Whether you’re cheering from your couch or from the stands, the Suns-Mercury-Footprint Center App is a must-have companion to enhance your experience with The Valley’s best. 

Key features include:

Three modes in one app: Suns, Mercury, and Footprint Center

Easy access to your Mobile Tickets for any event at Footprint Center

Quickly, easily, and safely pay for concessions and merchandise at Footprint Center with your Mobile Wallet

Navigate Footprint Center easily, and enjoy your favorite food and drinks with our searchable Maps and concessions listings

Interactive event schedule, allowing you to buy Suns, Mercury, or event tickets directly from the App

Maximize your experience at all Footprint Center events with everything you’d need know in the palm of your hand

Up-to-the-minute Suns and Mercury content delivered right to you

Suns and Mercury player bios, stats, and personal info and curated content

Set your Profile and customize your App experience

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