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Sunrise Fasting

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Sunrise Fasting

Sunrise is your app app to track your intermittent fasting goals.

Sunrise offers a simple, and free way to track your fasts to help you manage your weight, gain energy, and live a healthier life.

Watch the timer to see how close you are to completing your daily fast. Choose a time from one of the provided fasting goals that are common, or set your own goal for something that work better for you.

Sunrise is completely free. This app won't try to sell you on a subscription or in app purchases to unlock additional features. Just download and enjoy.

Sunrise offers an app for the Apple Watch as well as a widget for your home screen. So you can track your progress in more than one place.

View all your previous fasting progress in the timeline. Every fast you complete is saved. This data is yours and can be exported in case you want to use it elsewhere.

Sunrise is open source and contains no trackers. Your fasting data is your data and is not used to track you or show you ads. Feel safe knowing that your data belongs only to you.
Zach McGaughey